• Posted on: 16 May 2019
  • By: portal

Once the tender has been concluded, the licensing of the works shall follow the procedure stipulated in Decree-Law no. 555/99 of 16 December, in its current wording (Urbanization and Edification Legal Framework), and in Decree-Law no. 39/2008 of 7 March, in its current wording (Tourism Resorts Legal Framework), when dealing with hotel establishments, or in Decree-Law no. 128/2014 of 29 August, in its current wording (Local Accomodation Legal Framework), when dealing with local accomodation  establishments.

Interventions that involve properties that have been classified as being of national interest, that are jointly classified, in the process of being classified or located in the respected General Zones or Special Protection Zones are subject to a binding opinion from the Cultural Heritage Department (cf. namely Law no. 107/2001 of 8 September, which establishes that the bases for the policy and framework for protecting and adding value to cultural heritage, and Decree-Law no. 140/2009 of 15 June, which establishes the applicable legal framework of the studies, projects, reports, works or interventions involving classified cultural assets or assets that are undergoing classification).