• Posted on: 16 May 2019
  • By: portal
The REVIVE concession contracts shall always be preceded by a tender procedure or a restricted tender procedure by prior qualification, that ensure transparency, competition and international advertising to the process of selection of concessionaires.
Before the tenders are launched, the Technical Team shall ensure the following preparatory work:
- The drafting of architectural and topographical inventories of the properties;
- Settlement of the legal and registration situation of the properties, when necessary;
- Execution of heritage studies for defining the overall parameters for intervening in classified heritage;
- The drafting of a historical-artistic memorandum for each property.
The tender procedures shall incorporate a series of technical and legal premises for safeguarding the public values present in each property.
The procedures concerning properties owned or ceded to the municipalities are launched and conducted by the city councils with follow-up by the REVIVE Technical Team.