• Posted on: 16 May 2019
  • By: portal
The REVIVE program is conducted by a broad multi-disciplinary team comprising, permanently, representatives of entities with competences over public assets and tourism, namely:
- Cultural Heritage Department;
- Treasury and Finance Department;
- Nacional Defense Resources Department;
- Portuguese Tourism Board (Turismo de Portugal, I.P.)
Occasionally, when the characteristics, heritage context or domain status of the properties justify such, the technical team shall include representatives from bodies from other State sectors, namely Environment, Justice, Internal Administration or Agriculture.
The REVIVE Technical Team is responsible for the selection of assets and, along with the respective municipalities, for the preparation of the concession tender documents, for carrying out the necessary preparatory works and for conducting the tender procedures, in which the relevant values in presence and public interest must be safeguarded, as well as the adequacy of the type of use of the properties to the development needs and strategies of each region.
The Treasury and Finance Department, with respect to that which it is responsible for, and in conjunction with all other entities, shall provide all technical support in any way deemed pertinent within the scope of its legal powers relating to the management of State assets. The same applies to the Nacional Defense Resources Department, with respect to the properties under its management.
The Cultural Heritage Department and the Regional Culture Departments shall follow up on the development of the program, defining the overall parameters of the work done on the properties, in accordance with the respective legal protection category, and offering all the necessary technical support within the scope of its legal powers related to safeguarding and protecting cultural heritage.
Turismo de Portugal, I.P. shall provide all technical assistance deemed necessary for meeting the objectives of REVIVE program, and it shall disclose the public tender procedures through the means of communication available to it and that are deemed appropriate for this purpose, actively participating in attracting interested investors, and framing, in the available financial support instruments, the investment to be made in the restoration of the properties, under the terms and conditions defined in the applicable frameworks.
The REVIVE Technical Team also counts on the collaboration of the Art History Institute of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in charge of drafting the historical-artistic memorandum of each property covered by the program.