Mosteiro de Lorvão - Deadline for submission of proposals 06.08.2019

Disclosure leaflet

The Mosteiro de Lorvão, in Penacova, is one of 33 properties registered in REVIVE, a joint program of the Ministries of Economy, Culture and Finance with the collaboration of local authorities. The aim of this program is to valorize and recover heritage unused, reinforcing the attractiveness of the region.

The opening of the public competition for the Mosteiro de Lorvão (Penacova) was published in Diário da República, with a view to carrying out works, including infrastructures, and later exploration for tourism purposes, as a hotel establishment, a local accommodation establishment, in the modality establishment of lodging, or other project of tourist vocation, in accordance with the legislation in force.

  •          Duration of concession: 50 (fifty) years
  •          Minimum annual rent: € 33.168,00
  •          Total gross floor area: about about 9.439,00 SqM

Diário da República

Anúncio de procedimento



The specifications and the respective annexes contain the terms, conditions and requirements applicable to the works to be carried out, as well as the activity to be explored, after conclusion of the contract, without prejudice to the relevant legal and regulatory obligations:

Programa de Concursos


Caderno de Encargos

Anexo 1:
Anexo 1 - Peças Desenhadas