São Fiel College - Completed procedure

The “Colegio de São Fiel” is one of the 33 properties registered in REVIVE, a joint program of the Ministries of Economy, Culture and Finance with the collaboration of local authorities. The aim of this program is to valorise and recover the unused heritage, to enhance the attractiveness of regional destinations and the development of various regions of the country.

The “Colegio de São Fiel”, which has not been used since 2003, when it functioned as a Re-education Institute for young people, was the target of a devastating fire that affected the portuguese central region, in August 2017. This contest is not only the dynamization of local tourism activity and the preservation of the architectural heritage in question, but also boost the economic recovery of this area affected by the fires of last year.

Interested investors had about 60 days to apply.

The opening of the public competition for the “Colegio de São Fiel”, for the installation of a tourist resort, a local accommodation establishment or other tourist vocation project (Announcement of procedure no. 1890/2018) was published in Diário da República.

The specifications and the respective annexes contain the terms, conditions and requirements applicable to the works to be carried out, as well as the activity to be explored, after conclusion of the contract, without prejudice to the relevant legal and regulatory obligations:

Programa do Concurso

Anexo I - Modelo de proposta: Montante Anual da Contrapartida e compromisso de antecipação;

Anexo II - Modelo de declaração: informação sobre a natureza da exploração turística que o candidato qualificado pretende executar;

Anexo III - Modelo de avaliação;

Caderno de Encargos

Anexo II - Termos de referência para o Projeto

Anexo III - Memória Artística e Histórica do Imóvel

Anexo I:

Anexo 1 - Peças Desenhadas