Coudelaria de Alter - Procedure completed

Signed contract with: VILA GALÉ – Sociedade de Empreendimentos Turísticos, S.A.


The “Coudelaria de Alter” Revive contest was completed and won by the Vila Galé Group.

The total investment for the recovery of the building is estimated at 8 million euros.

The winning project foresees the construction of a 4-star themed hotel with approximately 76 rooms, distributed by all the buildings  (old house of tourist rural accommodation, old stables, administrative building and the old pigpens). Enoteca and Lagar will also be used in theme events.

The hotel also features a spa and restaurant, with a strong focus on regional cuisine.

The opening of the public tender for concession of some equipments in Alter Stud Farm was published on portuguese and european official journals: 

Diário da República (portuguese official journal):

Anúncio de procedimento n.º 2597/2018 (Diário da República, 2ª série, nº79 de 23 de abril)

Declaração de retificação de anúncio n.º 93/2018 (Diário da República, 2ª série, nº80 de 24 de abril)

TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal' of the EU, dedicated to European public procurement:

Reference: 2018/S 088-198659, May 8

Interested investors have 90 days to submit their proposals (until july 22, 2018).

Property may be visited during this period.

Main conditions of the tender:

  • Concession will last for 50 (fifty) years from the date of the grant of the contract to be signed;
  • Minimum anual rent of € 4 676,00 ;
  • The opening of the Hotel Unit to the public has to occur in the maximum period of 4 years from the date of delivery of the property;
  • The adjudication will be given to the proposal that is economically more beneficial, in accordance with predefined criteria set out in the tender documentation

In case of any doubt, please contact the contracting authority through:

Electronic platform: (Saphety)


Programa do Concurso

Anexo I - Modelo de proposta: Montante Anual da Contrapartida e compromisso de antecipação;

Anexo II - Modelo de declaração: informação sobre a natureza da exploração turística que o candidato qualificado pretende executar;

Anexo III - Modelo de avaliação;

Caderno de Encargos

Anexo 2 - Termos de referência da DGPC

Anexo 3 - Memória Artística e Histórica do Imóvel

Anexo 4 -  Regulamento Utilização Áreas Comuns na Tapada do Arneiro,Coudelaria de Alter

Anexo 1:


Anexo 1 - Peças Desenhadas