The public tender for the Forte da Ínsua concession was launched this Thursday, August 8, under the Revive program. Interested investors now have 90 days to submit proposals, until November 6, 2019.
Located on an islet, Ínsua de Santo Isidro, at the mouth of river Minho, near the Spanish border, this Fort is accessible by boat. [O Minho.8-8-2019]
It is now open the public tender for the concession of Forte da Ínsua, in Caminha, for 50 years, under the Revive program. [Publituris.8-8-2019]
The Government launched this thursday, July 25, the second edition of the Revive Program, presenting the 15 properties that will be integrated in this new phase. Seven of the properties that will enter this edition of Revive are located in the interior of the country, which reinforces Revive's commitment to the development of the territory and the role of tourism as an instrument of territorial cohesion. [Ambitur.26-7-2019]
Deputy Minister of Economy Pedro Siza Vieira said the Revive program is at "cruising speed" and that the seven projects already awarded represent an investment of over 54 million euros. (Photo: António Cotrim / Lusa)
It was with these expressions that the Secretary of State of Tourism referred this thursday to Revive, at the launch of the second edition of this program. For the Deputy Minister and Economy, this is an “absolutely remarkable” program that, according to the Minister of Culture, came to “change the paradigm of state heritage management”. [Turisver.25-7-2019]
The Government launched this thursday, July 25, the 2nd edition of Revive. At a session in Lisbon, in one of the properties that make up the new list, were announced the 15 buildings that are now part of this program and was announced the launch of the 18th public tender for the concession of Forte da Ínsua, in Caminha. [Turisver. 25-7-2019]
The portuguese hotel group Vila Galé inaugurated this Saturday, June 22nd, the first hotel under the Revive program, result of the rehabilitation of the former Convent of São Paulo in Elvas, a nine million euros investment. [Turisver 24.6.2019]
The German public television channel ZDF broadcasted an interesting report on REVIVE on 20/5/2019 at 4:00 p.m.
Report on the REVIVE Program broadcast on the TV news from 20: 00h on 05/22/2019 presented by Gilles Bouleau on TF1.