The Revive tender for the Vila Nova de Cerveira Castle was concluded and the project was awarded to Eurico da Fonseca, who developed the project for the São Bento da Vitória Palace, in Porto. The winning bid reached almost three times the basic value of the tender, corresponding to an annual rent of EUR 33.500,00 (the base value was set at EUR 13.260,00). The estimated investment to recover the property is about 3 million euros, for the installation of a hotel with a minimum of 4 stars, which will have 41 rooms, restaurant and gym.[22.10.2019]
Vila Nova da Cerveira castle will be transformed into a hotel of at least four stars after Eurico da Fonseca won the Revive tender. Revive Program has reached more than 100 million euros in investment. [Jornal de Negócios.22.10.2019]
The new hotel resulting from the Revive Program, for the tourist concession of abandoned public heritage, will involve investments of 30 million euros and is scheduled to open by the end of 2022. (...) With the Graça Barracks, there are 10 properties awarded under the Revive Program, representing a total investment of 100 million euros. Until now, 19 tenders have been launched for the concession of properties under this program, and tenders for the concession of the Lorvão Monastery in Penacova, the Forte da Ínsua in Caminha, the Monastery of San Salvador de Travanca in Amarante, and the Paço Real de Caxias, in Oeiras, are currently open. [Vida Extra|Expresso.18-10-2019]
The Revive tender for the cocession of Graça Barracks, in Lisbon, was concluded and was awarded to a group of companies of Sana Group. The winning bid corresponds to an annual rent of € 1.79 million (the minimum amount fixed in the tender was € 332.604). The estimated investment to recover the property and install a 5-star hotel with 120 rooms is € 30 million. The opening of the new hotel is scheduled for the end of 2022. [18-10-2019]
The Quartel do Carmo, in Faial Island, Azores, and the Convento do Carmo, in Moura, no Alentejo, were granted today, for 50 years, to operate as five-star hotels, under the Revive program. [Jornal de Negócios.18.9.2019]
Signed today, september 18, two more concession contracts under Revive Program: the Convento do Carmo, in Moura, granted to SPPTH (that explores the Convento do Espinheiro, in Évora), and the Quartel do Carmo, in Horta (Azores), granted to Lux Mundi. [Turisver.18-9-2019]
The public tender for the Forte da Ínsua concession was launched this Thursday, August 8, under the Revive program. Interested investors now have 90 days to submit proposals, until November 6, 2019.
Located on an islet, Ínsua de Santo Isidro, at the mouth of river Minho, near the Spanish border, this Fort is accessible by boat. [O Minho.8-8-2019]
It is now open the public tender for the concession of Forte da Ínsua, in Caminha, for 50 years, under the Revive program. [Publituris.8-8-2019]
The Government launched this thursday, July 25, the second edition of the Revive Program, presenting the 15 properties that will be integrated in this new phase. Seven of the properties that will enter this edition of Revive are located in the interior of the country, which reinforces Revive's commitment to the development of the territory and the role of tourism as an instrument of territorial cohesion. [Ambitur.26-7-2019]