Open procedure  Mosteiro de Santo André de Rendufe 


The tender for the concession of the Monastery of Santo André de Rendufe, in Amares, is opened under the Revive Program, for a period of 50 years. With a total construction area of 5 565 m2, the estimated investment for the recovery and adaptation of the property to tourism is 5.5 million euros. The Santo André de Rendufe Monastery was one of the main Portuguese Benedictine centers between the 12th and 14th centuries, dating its construction back to 1090. [7.8.2020]
In view of the restrictions imposed by contingency measures to combat COVID 19 and the declaration of a state of emergency to the functioning of Port of Aveiro Administration, SA services and of any interested parties, the Administration of the Port decided to extend the deadline for submitting proposals to the public tender for the concession of Forte da Barra until 7 pm on the 8th of June [Notícias de Aveiro | 2.5.2020]
The tender launched under the Revive program for the concession of the Palacete dos Condes, in S. João da Madeira, received “only one proposal”. It is a company that represents in Portugal the Meliá group of hotels. “The competition jury has already met, it is composed of elements from the autarchy and members appointed by Turismo de Portugal”, said to 'O Regional', the Mayor of S. João da Madeira, who thinks that “the proposal meets all the acceptance requirements ”and was awarded at the last Chamber meeting. Jorge Vultos Sequeira considers this to be a “very important step in the life of the city and, if it materializes, two things will be achieved: the rehabilitation of a vacant piece of equipment that has been degrading for several years, and attracting investment to S João da Madeira in the tourism sector, which allows to reinforce the hotel offer, leverage the Industrial Tourism program and have support for our companies ”, he emphasized. [O Regional | 26.3.2020]
The concession to operate two more properties in the Revive program was awarded. The winning companies are Imobimacus - Sociedade Administradora de Imóveis, SA, of the Hotéis Turim Group, which won the Monastery of Lorvão concession in Penacova, and Hoti Star - Portugal Hotéis, SA, which won the ocncession of Palacete dos Condes Dias Garcia, in São João da Madeira. Imobimacus should make an investment in the order of 6.9 million euros for the recovery and operation of a hotel in the Monastery of Lorvão. The annual rent owed by the concessionaire to the State is 40 thousand euros. Hoti is expected to pay an annual rent of 30,528.00 euros for the concession of the Palacete dos Condes, in São João da Madeira, with an estimated investment of around 4 million to recover this property and install a 4-star hotel establishment. [25.3.2020]
It was signed, on March 13th, with Jean Claude Frederic Frajmund, of French nationality, the contract for the concession of the Monastery of São Salvador de Travanca, in Amarante, under the REVIVE program. The Monastery, which integrates one of the most beautiful Portuguese medieval towers and is part of the cultural Route of the Romanesque, will be rehabilitated and converted into a 4-star hotel, with about 40 rooms, in an estimated investment of around 2.3 million euros. The touristic project should combine the history of the property and the medieval environment with modern sophistication and comfort, with a component of health and well-being. The hotel is scheduled to open in early 2023.
The concession contract for the rehabilitation and operation of Paço Real de Caxias, in Oeiras, as a hotel establishment was signed today with the concessionaire Imobimacus - Sociedade Administradora de Imóveis, SA, of the Hotéis Turim Group. The property is delivered for 50 years to the company that submitted the winning bid in the tender, which is expected to pay the State an annual income of 216 thousand euros for the concession, and ensure the investment for the recovery of the property estimated at approximately 11.6 million euros.[2-3-2020]
Under Revive Program, a new life was found for this bastioned maritime fortification with irregular starry plant, which has inside a convent enlarged in 1676, but with Franciscan origin from the 14th century, built by determination of king D. João I of Portugal. The concession for 50 years of Forte da ínsua was awarded for € 1001 annual income to the company Diverlanhoso. A significant investment in this unique heritage is foreseen, in order to allow its recovery as a high quality accommodation establishment and its dynamization through the development of various cultural animation activities. [14.2.2020]
National Monument, the Monastery of São Salvador de Travanca will have new life from 2023. The concession of the Monastery of São Salvador de Travanca, founded in the 12th century, in Amarante (Porto), was awarded to the French businessman Jean-Claude Frederic Frajmund who will transform it into a hotel with 40 rooms. [Público | Fugas | 7.2.2020]
Yesterday, another public tender was launched under the Revive program for the concession of Forte da Barra de Aveiro, in Ílhavo, whose deadline for submission of proposals ends on 4 May. It is a bastion type construction, built in the 17th century, classified as a Property of Public Interest, which has a privileged location, on the mouth of the Vouga River, in the heart of Aveiro Harbor. The property will be leased for 50 years for exploration for tourism purposes [4.2.2020]
The University of Évora launched a new public tender under the REVIVE program for the installation of a hotel in Quinta do Paço de Valverde, in Évora, a heritage complex with a gross construction area of about 7,478.00 m2. The concession period is 50 years, and interested parties can submit proposals until April 27, 2020. [4.2.2020]