Pavilions of the D. Carlos I Park

The opening of the public tender for the concession of the Pavilions of D. Carlos I Park was published on portuguese and european official journals: 

Interested investors have 120 days to submit their proposals (until 21st of june 2017) and  the property may be visited during this period.

Main conditions of the tender:

  • Concession will last for 48 (forty-eight) years from the date of the grant of the contract to be signed;
  • Minimum monthly rent of €3.500,00;
  • The opening of the Hotel Unit to the public has to occur in the maximum period of 3 (years) years and 6 (six) months, from the date established for this effect, the limit date being the 2nd of December of 2020;
  • The adjudication will be given to the proposal that is economically more beneficial to the contracting authority, in accordance with predefined criteria such as compensation proposed, number of direct empoyments to be created, term foreseen for the opening of the hotel, quality of the project, association to ceramics activity and/or to mineral natural water of Caldas da Rainha.

In case of any doubt, please contact the contracting authority through or through the platform